CriticalGears Products is a division that handles our pre-made product development, sales, and support. Products include PHP scripts, WordPress plugins, and WordPress themes.

We understand that businesses sometimes need quick solutions (as opposed to a custom-built one) to get their web applications and e-commerce platforms up and running as soon as possible and within certain budget. is our answer to instant digital web demands - a division dedicated to handling the development, sale, and support of our ready-made products that include:

  • Function-specific PHP scripts (File managers, payment processing etc)
  • WordPress themes
  • WordPress plugins

If you're wondering why you should purchase ready-made products from us rather than off-the-shelf, it all comes down to quality assurance and exceptional customer service. There is nothing we value more than customer satisfaction, and that shows in the solutions we develop. Our team ensures that each product meets all demand specifications, and we stand by it through continuous support. only deals with quality-guaranteed web applications.

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