Bastion provides managed website maintenance and support. Our core service offering includes WordPress and Craft CMS maintenance, core and plugins updates, cloud data backup management, security patching, and overall web health.

Bastion is a managed website update service provider. It primarily deals with maintaining overall website health through security, plugins, and core updates. The Bastion team services Craft CMS and WordPress-based websites.

As a web development company, we’ve continuously supported our clients’ websites for the last seven years. But with a dedicated team of web experts, we can now provide the same high-quality and dependable services to clients worldwide for a small monthly fee.

We genuinely care about the well-being, security, and performance of our customers’ websites. That's because we understand just how important websites are to businesses. Our focus for every site that we on-board is maintaining uptime and efficiency. We also periodically review and assess sites and make recommendations to our clients to improve them even further.

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