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Multi user file management system v2.0
Administrator can create users and set their permissions (what users can see and do, what kind of files upload, set bandwidth limits, filesize limits). He also has statistics and activity logs, every users action goes into database logs. Admin can upload files and change his password, since v1.2.1. Since v1.3 admin can create upload folders and assign them per user, as well as delete file messages.

Users can (depending on permissions) upload/delete their files, see all uploaded files, delete any file, edit their file. They also have their own quick stats.Since v1.4 – admin have option to select to which folder upload files,new options in settings screen: allow new user registrations and auto-Approve new users. If new user registrations are enabled then on login page will appear new link – to create new account. By default users will not get approved automatically but admin can change that. Also added activity log cleaning option and activity log CSV download option. Added session checker to download.php – now if user is not logged in he will not be able to download file. Another new feature is “forgot password” functionality.


Control Panel
Administrator Access:
Username: admin    Password: pass

User Access:
Username: test    Password: 1234


General Features:
– Option to select upload directory before uploading file
– Download activity logs in CSV format
– Delete activity logs
– Ability to upload files for specific users
– Multi folders & sub-folders structure
– Option to enable user registrations (with notifications to admin and user)
– Option to enable new user auto-approval
– Password recovery
– Messaging for file between admin/user (with gravatars)
– “New file message” notification for admin/user
– File extensions editor for admin
– Easy upgrade file from older versions to new ones, for your convenience
– Link sharing (copy paste or send by internal mailer)
– Multiple file upload (swfuploader plugin)
– old single file upload for users with no js enabled.
– Admin notifications to email about file delete, upload, update
– Multi user access
– Uploads statistics
– Includes install.php file for easy database installation.

Administrator Features:
– Delete file messages;
– Create folders;
– Assign upload folders to each user;
– Upload files;
– Change password through users management screen;
– Manage user permissions;
– Manage bandwidth / space / limits allocation per use;
– View activity log;

Features (v2.0): (June 28, 2011)
– assign multiple folders / sub folders for any user
– admin can upload files for any user into their folder
– added sub folders functionality
– added accordion style viewer for folders/sub-folders
– small css adjustments
– fixed undefined variables notice when adding user which exists
– fixed undefined variables on many different pages.
please note that this is not the final 2.0 version, we will release another update soon, with more features.

Features (v1.4.1) (January 23rd):

– Added paging to all script sections!
– Fixed ‘unknown sender’ issue for messaging.

PHP 5.2 and above
MySQL 4.1 and above

Installation Instructions
1. open /includes/dbconnect.php and edit database connection variables.
2. upload script to your server, run install.php
3. if you are upgrading from version 1.4 to 2.0: upload all files, edit dbconnect.php with your settings, run upgrade.php.

Great script and highly responsive support!Stikerd

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