Stripe Payment Terminal v2.1.0 Released
CriticalGears CriticalGears
May 27, 2020

We have just released a new version of Stripe Payment Terminal v2.1.0 with new features and improvements

– Feature: added automatic recurring transactions syncing from Stripe (with manual override button as well);
– Feature: added automatic recurring transactions syncing from PayPal (with manual override button as well);
– Feature: added Payment Plans. You can now enable payment plan on any product so your customers can split the product price in several transactions (recurring);
– Feature: added option for customer to type the amount for recurring donation;
– Feature: added export to PDF/CSV for all sections;
– Feature: added option to print tabled data in all sections;
– Improvement: added option to allow price overrides for product/service in URL. Example – product costs $100, but you want to send customer link for $110 due to extra request from customer – you can now do so, and sell the same product at different from default price;
– Improvement: added thank you page after successful payment to avoid double payments;
– Improvement: added cash payment indicator to the transactions list;
– Bug: administration area responsiveness issue fix;
– Bug: “Class Throwable not found” issue fix;
– Bug: Fixed issue with displaying extra currency symbol in front of total amount for some currencies;
– Bug: Fixed several PHP Notice errors;
– Bug: Background image path is incorrect;
– Bug: Fixed https redirect as well as fixed paths to non-https resources;
– Bug: Fixed issue with sending invoice and getting successful message and error at the same time;

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