New product released: Ninja Forms Asana Intergration WordPress Plugin
CriticalGears CriticalGears
February 06, 2020

We are happy to announce new product release – Ninja Forms Asana Integration WordPress Plugin!
We hope that you will find this product just as useful as all other our products.

This plugin easily integrates your Ninja forms with Asana workspaces. All submitted forms will be sent to your selected Asana Workspace and Project, including all data from all the form fields. 

*Important Notes:*

1) The plugin requires a minimum 5.6 PHP version
2) The plugin requires a minimum 5.0 WordPress version
3) The plugin requires a minimum 3.4 Ninja Forms version


  • – Easily connect Ninja Forms to your Asana project management tool
  • – Handpick which forms to send to Asana
  • – Integrate unlimited Ninja Forms. All data from all the form fields will get integrates with Asana
  • – Create new projects in Asana workspace from our WordPress plugin
  • – Easy 3 step installation
  • – Automated plugin updates


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