WooCommerce Instagram Shop

Well, it does exactly what you’d think from the title – it allows to turn your instagram into a shop and connect it to your WooCommerce website products, creating Instagram Shoppable Feed. 


  • – Turns your Instagram into shoppable store. 
  • – Your Instagram visitors can buy advertised products on your WooCommerce site with ease.
  • – Option to link to 3rd party affiliate site, from your WooCommerce.



  • – brands & e-store owners
  • – affiliate & social media marketers
  • – brand ambassadors



In order to be able to use this plugin, there are a few requirements you have to meet:

1) Latest WordPress version is recommended. However, plugin was tested with WordPress 4.2 as well and may work with earlier versions.
2) same for WooCommerce – latest version is recommended, we’ve tested it on WooCommerce 2.5.0
3) cURL must be installed on the server (it usually is, but just in case – confirm with your hosting provider)

4) allow_url_fopen PHP setting should be set to “ON”

Recently we’ve moved documentation for all our products online, instead of supplying it with the product itself, so you can view WooCommerce Instagram Shop documentation online as well using this link.



Product works great, customer support was even better!Brent

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